The Vikram Vij Interview

  Vikram Vij recently stopped by in Victoria to host some media at The London Chef and teach a fortunate few a cooking class later that evening. He was also here to begin the launch of 15 // read more

Octopus – A Right of Passage

Fear Eats the Soul, is the title of a Fassbinder film that tells a story of a life half lived. The cooking of octopus has that kind of spell over me; fear of the unknown, a cooking life // read more

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad

Yes, you heard right. Driven by a desire for challenge, a way to shake up the same old culinary routine, I decided to wade into the shallow end of what U.K. chef Fergus Henderson has made // read more

Simple and Quick Tomato Sauces

When supplies of fresh produce just aren't within reach, I turn to canned goods. And I feel no shame. When cans of Italian whole tomatoes are on sale, I buy a couple of cases at a time, // read more

Summer Bean Salad

No matter how hard we try to grow various kinds of vegetables, I swear it's the garden that dictates what grows and what doesn't. And the garden says, beans. Our runner beans are a given // read more

Two Easy Tomatillo Salsas, Guacamole with Peaches and Chicken Kabobs

Tomatillos, that green fruit surrounded by a papery husk has been a staple of the Mexican diet for eons. It's easy to buy ones of uniform size in Mexico, but in Victoria, B.C., size // read more