Xiao Long Bao The Soup Dumpling

"We handcraft food for your tastebuds," reads the business card of Dinesty Chinese Restaurant in Richmond. I'm here as a lunch guest of Rae Kung who insisted that I taste what is her // read more

New Culinary Horizons: Vancouver’s Chinese Cuisine

The curious palate needs to be fed. And what better way to excite and educate it than to wade in to the deep delicious waters of Chinese cuisine. This vast pool encompasses the complex and // read more

The Vikram Vij Interview

  Vikram Vij recently stopped by in Victoria to host some media at The London Chef and teach a fortunate few a cooking class later that evening. He was also here to begin the launch of 15 // read more

Asian Flavours with Hunan Intentions

Inspiration comes in many guises: a great cookbook or food magazine, a stunning visual cue, a fragrant aroma, fresh produce or from an exquisite dining experience. Recently, inspiration // read more

Ginger, Salt and Oil, a Perfect Condiment for Steamed Fish

The story goes something like this: When Mark Bittman hung out more in Vancouver - because he was/is jazzed about the outstanding selection of Asian cuisine - he happened upon a simply // read more

Santouka, Ramen Rapture in Vancouver

Santouka is the latest ramen house to open on lower Robson Street in Vancouver. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is a well-regarded Japanese chain with five outlets in California. This is their // read more