Wise About Spot Prawns

The spot prawn season runs just under two months, and it's such a treat to find them fresh and live right off the boat. If you're unfamiliar with spot prawns and have lived most of your // read more

Roasted Beet Salad, Flowering Cabbage Tops and Spice-Marinated Lamb with Chickpea Stew

A gloomy, overcast day and a craving for Moroccan spices. Not that the two go hand in hand, but spices are proving to be a remedy for our unusually cold spring. So in between writing // read more

Roasted Onions for Roasted Onion Soup

I'm a sucker for good looking produce. When I'm out at Michell Farms in Saanich I can't resist the boxes and bags of vegetables grown on their vast acreage. But often with impulse bulk // read more

Deep Cove Chalet – Paradise Found

In the late summer, early fall, Deep Cove Chalet beckons. Run by cci and his wife Bev, the Chalet serves French country cuisine. Koffel's culinary roots are in Alsace and you'll find many // read more

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls of Wheat Berries, Mushrooms and Vegetables

A recent find in the Saanich farmlands, this spectacular Savoy definitely needs its own chair. What a beauty. And what an inspiration for cabbage rolls. The main grain consisted of 1 cup // read more

Corn Chowder

That luscious corn from Saanich has to be used up and there's nothing better to take the chill out of the air these days than a hearty corn chowder. Get your mise en place ready. 3 - 4 // read more

Tomato Meet Oven

Stepping into the tomato world of SunWing Farm is like stepping into an alternate universe. While I could go for any of their first rate heirloom varieties, for my first foray into // read more