Roast Chicken. Why Can’t I Quit You?

The change in weather has brought us indoors away from the bbq and back into the kitchen. I tried this brilliant and inspiring technique for roast chicken from Mark Bittman yesterday and // read more

Ginger, Salt and Oil, a Perfect Condiment for Steamed Fish

The story goes something like this: When Mark Bittman hung out more in Vancouver - because he was/is jazzed about the outstanding selection of Asian cuisine - he happened upon a simply // read more

Green Bean Salad & Beet Salad

Gratefully, the weather still dictates al fresco dining. Lately, I've been buying some great looking green beans. And for two days in a row, I've treated them equally. A quick blanch in hot // read more

Garlic Soup. A true restorative

One of the cookbooks I return to frequently is Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef by Jean-George Vongerichten and Mark Bittman. The recipe for garlic soup is a revelation, using the // read more