Blueberry Muffins or Any Berry Muffins for That Matter

I've been on a baking jag again. Always seem to happen during the winter months when the weather is nasty and staying indoors is the most sensible option. I've ripped through a couple of // read more


Listen macaron, you've had your day in the sun. With your loud colours and buttercream filling, it's time for the unappreciated Madeleine to take a stand in the spotlight. Delicate and // read more

Carrot-Almond Torte

In Victoria, snow makes us kind of giddy. People tend to smile more and greet strangers on the street. Small independent businesses have shuttered early, with notices such as, "We're off to // read more

Flourless Walnut Cake

Walnuts are used throughout the world in a myriad of ways from sauces and medicines, pickled whole, used in liqueurs, or ground for making tortes and cakes. This versatile nut can be found // read more

Guin’s Magic Crumble Topping

Rhubarb or any fruit, seasonal, fresh or even frozen  is perfect as a crumble. Crumble, crisp or cobbler, the names mean the same, a rustic easy peasy dessert where the fruit is front and // read more

Spring Tart with Asparagus, Green Onions and Cheese

Who are you calling a tart? After a winter of earthy root vegetables, spring's first bright green offerings are so welcome at the table. Asparagus heralds the beginning of renewed // read more

Pecan Pie

I nailed it! After years of tinkering with this dough and that filling, I've struck recipe gold. Hah! The dough stayed fluted - in its rustic way - and the filling set up nicely. // read more

I survived Momofuku’s Crack Pie

It's all your fault Momofuku! Manhattan's Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar has taken the U.S. by the sweet tooth with Crack Pie, a cheeky name given to their riff on the Chess pie, a simple // read more

Simple Baked Apple Tarts

You bet I'll cycle for apples. Not only is it a balancing act but there's nothing like the taste of an apple pie. Even if it's of the rustic variety. I added the chopped zest of one lemon // read more

Olive oil and Rosemary cake

Here is a simple cake that is perfect for Sunday lunch or brunch. It is great served alone, with Italian cheese and honey, or as I did, with ripe figs and pots of thick yogurt and honey for // read more

Wicked Butter Tarts

You have been forewarned.   Short-Crust Pastry (You might have your own recipe, but this number works for both sweet and savoury dishes) 1 1/2 cups unbleached flour 1 tsp. // read more

Cherry Clafouti

It's July and cherries are in season. Looking forward to sitting in the garden with a bowl of cherries, I purchased some dark red  juicy-looking ones at a local farmer's market. Seduced // read more