Burgers, Messy Food and Feeding the Roofers

They started early filling the ground with old roofing tiles, nails and trash, and filling the air with foul language.  They were like feral animals. They smoked and spat, and dined on the ground with whatever fast food they could get their blackened hands on. The roof was being redone at long last.
While some would hightail it to the nearest coffee shop to get work done, I saw sweet opportunity. Cook for these wild beasts.
It was a natural fit. Dividing my time between writing and cooking, one seems to inspire the other, I could cook up some extreme comfort foods and make a bit of cash. They fell for it!
Over the course of a week, my kitchen became a pop-up of sorts, a lunch-only, cash-only, backdoor take-out. They made themselves at home in my back yard, assembling lawn chairs at the noon hour, inhaling great amounts of greasy, over-the-top sustenance. And they love it! And so did I!
A toasted pretzel bun became the perfect vehicle for schnitzel and a cavalcade of bacon-flecked sauerkraut and grated cheese.

The classic meatball sandwich began with a layering of sauteed mushrooms and onions, two spicy meatballs smothered in a rustic tomato sauce, covered with melting mozza. (Someone mentioned that messy was the new black in food photography).

I also made burritos as big as Popeye’s forearm, but their hands-down favourite from my backdoor kitchen became the bacon burger explosion. A 7-ounce secret-spiced patty formed around jack cheese with the usual fixings of tomato, pickle, lettuce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and topped with bacon on a sesame seed bun. One bite revealed the molten cheese core.
Burgers are experiencing a sort of renaissance where I live. Here is my ground round up of the newest restaurants and how they stack up in Western Living Magazine. 

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