Corn Flake-Crusted Fish with Tomatillo Sauce


Taking cues from the tomatillo sauce from my previous post, and a Rick Bayless recipe for corn flake-crusted fish, I combined the two to create a delicious dinner. Both versions keep with the easy and versatile theme – mine is minus the stock and onion for the sauce –  while staying with the Mexican leitmotif, and the seasonal harvest of corn on the cob and tomatillos.
Corn flakes provide an ultra crispy and delicious coating for the fish, and the sauce sees the addition of freshly roasted cob corn.
Are you ready?
Freshly shucked corn is thrown right on the grill, a technique that harkens back to that classic Mexican street food snack, sans the mayo and chili powder.  You want to get some nice dark bits of colour, so make sure you toss it around the grill.

Once you have the desired colouring, remove from the grill and once cooled down enough, run your knife down the cob to remove the niblets and add a sufficient amount of them to your tomatillo sauce. Sufficient meaning use your eyes, your intuition and think about balance.
Keep the newly enhanced sauce on the back burner, while you proceed with your mise en place for the fish.
The fish you choose should have firm white flesh, such as snapper, halibut, or cod. Remove the skin and any extra bones. You could ask your local fish monger to do this for you if you lack the urge. And please, above all, choose a sustainable fish.
To coat the fish properly, you’ll need flour, an egg wash, crushed corn flakes and a plate to place the coated fish on.
Dust the fish – I used ling cod – with flour, shaking off an excess. Dip in the egg wash and transfer to the crushed corn flakes, making sure all the sides are covered. Gently press the flakes on if they’re uneven. Place on a plate and refrigerate briefly before frying. Cover loosely if it’s going to be a few hours.
Ready to eat?
Heat your favourite frying pan over med-high heat with a good slick of light olive oil. Once the oil starts to shimmer, add the coated fish. Fry evenly on all sides, turning carefully, but deftly, until crispy and golden. Transfer to paper towel briefly before plating. Make sure your plates are warm, and lay down a bed of corn-flecked tomatillo sauce and top with a piece of fish. Decorate with cilantro.
Buen provecho!

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