Waldorf Salad Redo – Soup’s On

The Waldorf Salad, an American classic, was invented somewhere between 1893 and 1896 at New York’s Waldorf Hotel. The gist of it finds apples, celery and walnuts tossed in mayonnaise and served on a bed of lettuce, iceberg preferably.
There have been many variations over the years, the addition of green grapes is common, chicken for a protein hit – which makes an amazing sandwich filling – the clear-out-the-fridge versions, etc.
My version is more of a soup than a salad, topped with crab meat mixed with preserved lemon and fresh garden chives – actually, kind of a soup and salad combination.
The base of the soup is celery with potato added for extra body, thyme, a bit of tart green apple and chicken stock.  Once simmered and cooked through, the soup is pureed.
Per serving, I drizzle each bowl with walnut oil, add tiny cubes of jalapeno for texture contrast and a bit of zing. The crab salad is delicately floated on top of an arugula leaf pad.
The broth is delicate with light, bright hits of lemon, jalapeno, chives and arugula for contrast. A lovely soup for springtime.

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