Drinking with a Broad. Tropical Afternoon Cocktails Part Two

Seeing Red

Deep red hibiscus flowers, known as flor de jamaica in Mexico, are infused in water to create a cool refreshing agua. Its tart cranberry-like flavour, packed with vitamins, is especially welcome in the hot tropical sun – just add sugar to taste and pour over ice. For more adult tastes, a round of silver tequila makes seeing red all the more seductive for an afternoon beach-side respite .

Jamaica Margaritas
(a big ol’ pitcher full, non-breakable of course)
Start the day by bringing two cups of the flowers to the boil in six cups of water. Sugar to taste. Lid on pot and let steep, off the heat, for a couple of hours. Go to the market. Have breakfast, etc.
Strain the flowers threw a sieve, pressing down on them to extract as much liquid as possible.
To the resulting liquid, add:
3 ounces of the finest silver tequila (100 % Blue Agave only)
3 ounces Controy
Juice of 2 fresh limes
Top the pitcher with ice
Collect your glassware and set up your station with a good book, sunglasses and sunscreen. The world is your oyster.

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