Drinking with a Broad. Tropical Afternoon Cocktails

It’s hot here. Very hot. And the thought of making a complicated lunch, or any lunch for that matter, seems far too daunting a task. But a woman must stay hydrated, so I have created lunch in the form of a cocktail that has been dubbed the Escondido Caesar. Part cocktail, part lunch, part woman’s best friend, this little number provides salvation and nutrition, a perfect segue to Hora Feliz just around the corner.

Escondido Caesar
(recipe for two, because no one should drink alone)
One chile serrano, chopped, seeds removed, divided among two glasses.
Clamato juice
One market fresh nopal, cleaned and sliced into spears
One plump and ripe fresh cherry tomato
Juice of one lime, divided among two glasses
100% agave tequila
Lots of ice
Large glass (non-breakable preferred – for poolside safety)
Fill glass with ice. Add 1 ounce of 100 percent agave tequila per glass. Divide the chopped chile among the two glasses, add clamato and lime juice to almost the top. Stir. Decorate with spears of nopal cactus and halved tomatoes, sprinkle with salt. Salud!

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