Roast Chicken. Why Can’t I Quit You?

The change in weather has brought us indoors away from the bbq and back into the kitchen. I tried this brilliant and inspiring technique for roast chicken from Mark Bittman yesterday and it’s a keeper.

For those unfamiliar, Mark Bittman is a master of simple cooking techniques from soup to nuts and everything in between. And this recipe is no exception.
Preheat a cast iron pan in a 500 degree oven. Add the prepared chicken ( I stuffed the cavity with thyme and lemon, the outside of the bird treated to a painting of olive oil, salt, pepper and pimenton).
After 15 minutes, turn down the oven to 350 and roast until done ( this took another 25 minutes).
It was just enough time to make a salad, steam rice and prepare vegetables. The resulting chicken was moist with a good crisping of skin.
So good and easy is this technique, my clay baker is heading to the thrift store.
*For more study on efficiency in the kitchen, I recommend a little known but influential book, Cooking in 10 Minutes by Edouard de Pomaine. Pomaine wisely disseminates classic French techniques in 300-10 minute recipes, peppered with wry humour.

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