Oaxaca’s Smoked Chile Pasilla stuffed with Peaches, Ricotta and Walnuts

Summer came and went far too fast. And by the time I caught up with its crazy fast pace, it was gone, but I still had designs on a few summer recipes I did not want to let pass. Case in point: the smoked chile from Oaxaca stuffed with summer peaches, ricotta, walnuts and raisins, served cold as a dazzling first course or appetizer.

This dish came my way by a dear friend Mary Jane who now lives in the smoked chile’s hometurf of Oaxaca. It’s so unlike the usual recipes seen here and here, that beg for savoury pairings. This dish counterbalances the smokey earthy flavours, defying it with fruit, nuts and balanced sweetness, and is served cold.
The smoked chiles and raisins are first hydrated in a friendly mix of freshly squeezed orange juice, tequila and cinnamon.
Ricotta cheese is then blended with piloncillo, toasted and chopped walnuts (save some for garnish), cubed ripe peaches, the raisins and the juice of one lime.
The hydrated chiles are cleaned of their inner seeds, stuffed with the lovely mixture and refrigerated until ready to serve.

The orange-cinnamon-tequila liquid now a luscious amalgam, is reduced to an even thicker design to be used to drizzle over the finished product. It’s naturally sticky sweet with an agave kick and a cinnamon spiciness.
Time for a taste test. Oh yeah!


Ladies and gentleman, presenting……

A cooling, juicy, crunchy, sweet, smokey, spicy dish that dancing on the palate. It sings of summer, my dear friend MJ, and the delicious flavours of Oaxaca.

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  1. powderate says:

    Lucky people who get to taste this!

  2. Jen McDowell says:

    I would love to try this- can you please email me the full recipe/ingredient list? thank you!

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