Risotto with Young Fava Beans, Spot Prawns and Lemon

Every year my enthusiasm and anticipation of the yearly garden starts the same. Trips for sea soil, digging out the compost, buying seeds and mapping out where the plants should go for maximum sun. It all seems so promising. This year has been the most challenging to date. What with the slugs, and the coldest weather on record, gardening has become a disheartening task, one that gives me new respect for our local farmers.
Wrapped in a non-seasonal sweater and trying to look beyond the pathetic-ness of it all, I  harvested our crop of fava beans – eight pods in total – what’s left of the peas – around six or seven – and a few mixed pole beans, to “celebrate” our summer harvest.
Rummaging through the freezer, I found a batch of spot prawns to add to the mix, and taking flavour tips from Spain’s paella, I made a risotto.

Saffron was soaked in hot water, and onions and arborio rice were sauteed in olive oil. A splash of vermouth, stir, add saffron and hot stock, added in increments.
When the rice was almost al dente, I added the spot prawns and beans. Then the favas and peas and a chopped mix of garden mint and lemon zest. Salt to taste and a few hot red chile peppers for kick and some sliced up lomo made by chef Edward Tuson.
Hey summer, here’s mud in your eye.

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