Chicken Pot Pie & the Art of Leftovers

With a bit of creativity, leftovers can be elevated out of their often unworthy and uninspiring reputation into to a starring role. And with rising food costs, there’s no better time to step up to the plate and wisely use up extra food.
Case in point: the roasted bird. A regular feature at our house, roast chicken stuffed with lemons and herbs is our go-to comfort meal. The next day, leftover meat is picked off the bones for sandwiches or used for soups or stews. The roasted bones are made into a rich tasting stock, excellent for risotto. Extra meat can also be frozen for later use, especially with larger birds, or used in a pot pie, a delectable treat encased in flakey pastry.
You can dress it up with lots of fresh vegetables, or keep it simple by using leftover veggies from the roast, a combination of the two, or simply chicken and gravy.

If I’m using fresh vegetables, I like to saute them first to partially cook and let their flavours co-mingle.  Season to taste, add any fresh herbs you like and then fold in leftover chicken meat and or leftover cooked vegetables at the last minute.

You can certainly make the pie in small individual sizes, great for a lunch served with salad, but I like to make a dinner party-friendly size with my trusted pie crust recipe. (The recipe makes exactly the right amount for a double crust pie).
If you are concerned about the ingredients holding together inside the crust, you can add a slurry of flour and water or cornstarch and water.  If you have gravy leftover, add it now.
Cool the ingredients slightly before adding to the prepared pie crust.
Apply the top layer of pastry, make a nice fluted edge, cut slices into the pastry so it can breath, and brush with an egg wash.
Another delicious dinner is almost ready.

Bake until golden.Jazz it up with mushroom or onion gravy and salad, or with a big dollop of mustard.
Food should never go to waste.

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