Drinking with a Broad. Tropical Afternoon Cocktails

It's hot here. Very hot. And the thought of making a complicated lunch, or any lunch for that matter, seems far too daunting a task. But a woman must stay hydrated, so I have created lunch // read more

Free the Brussels Sprout

It's time to loosen up the baby cabbage from its tightly bound confines. For years it's been served whole after being boiled to a dull green, a sad specimen associated with many a family // read more

Enchiladas with Chicken and an Ancho-Tomato Salsa

Enchiladas, a dish of stuffed and rolled tortillas bathed in a chile sauce, has many permutations. At its most trashy, it contains an overdose of cheap gooey cheeses and is laden with salts // read more

The Laura Calder Interview

This book happened because I was inspired by a bunch of 80-year olds. You just meet them by accident and then suddenly a book comes out of life and what you're living. - Laura Calder on // read more

Xiao Long Bao The Soup Dumpling

"We handcraft food for your tastebuds," reads the business card of Dinesty Chinese Restaurant in Richmond. I'm here as a lunch guest of Rae Kung who insisted that I taste what is her // read more

New Culinary Horizons: Vancouver’s Chinese Cuisine

The curious palate needs to be fed. And what better way to excite and educate it than to wade in to the deep delicious waters of Chinese cuisine. This vast pool encompasses the complex and // read more

Oaxaca’s Smoked Chile Pasilla stuffed with Peaches, Ricotta and Walnuts

Summer came and went far too fast. And by the time I caught up with its crazy fast pace, it was gone, but I still had designs on a few summer recipes I did not want to let pass. Case in // read more

Recent Dishes Savoured: On The Road in Washington & Oregon

A road trip is remiss without roadside attractions. Besides the taco truck parked right across the street, this was Umatilla's redeeming feature in the arid landscape. I do believe this is // read more

The Vikram Vij Interview

  Vikram Vij recently stopped by in Victoria to host some media at The London Chef and teach a fortunate few a cooking class later that evening. He was also here to begin the launch of 15 // read more

Be Obscure Clearly. Waitsburg, Washington

We'll travel great distances for the perfect meal. Or a well-crafted cocktail. We'll fight our way through intense traffic, traversing great distances, getting lost en route, all the while // read more

Roast Chicken. Why Can’t I Quit You?

The change in weather has brought us indoors away from the bbq and back into the kitchen. I tried this brilliant and inspiring technique for roast chicken from Mark Bittman yesterday and // read more

Spice-Roasted Chicken

Isn't evolution wonderful? Not the fact that we're now walking upright and the hairiness has abated - waxing keeps my eyebrows in check! - but the way a recipe can morph and adapt to suit a // read more

Risotto with Young Fava Beans, Spot Prawns and Lemon

Every year my enthusiasm and anticipation of the yearly garden starts the same. Trips for sea soil, digging out the compost, buying seeds and mapping out where the plants should go for // read more

Roast Chicken in a Luscious Garlic-Salt-Rosemary Marinade

It's the fourth day of sun, maybe the fifth. I'm so giddy that summer's finally arrived, I'm losing count. With no time to waste, I've dusted off the grill and whipped up a quick marinade // read more

Flourless Walnut Cake

Walnuts are used throughout the world in a myriad of ways from sauces and medicines, pickled whole, used in liqueurs, or ground for making tortes and cakes. This versatile nut can be found // read more

Vodka Sauce

Vodka has very little use in our house. Gin on the other hand,  but that's another story. Our neglected bottle of vodka emerges only for that brilliant Sunday morning restorative, the // read more

Wise About Spot Prawns

The spot prawn season runs just under two months, and it's such a treat to find them fresh and live right off the boat. If you're unfamiliar with spot prawns and have lived most of your // read more

Spot On for Spot Prawns

It's May on the west coast, and that means spot prawns are in season. Held up as an icon of sustainability, the sweet crustacean, and the largest prawn fished on the coast, is a chef and // read more

Quick Dishes for the Meze Platter

Feta cheese, red peppers, a couple of garlic cloves and some great tasting olive oil is really all that's needed to throw together a quick and easy dip with Mediterranean // read more

Roasted Beet Salad, Flowering Cabbage Tops and Spice-Marinated Lamb with Chickpea Stew

A gloomy, overcast day and a craving for Moroccan spices. Not that the two go hand in hand, but spices are proving to be a remedy for our unusually cold spring. So in between writing // read more

Roasted Jalapenos stuffed with Mint and Two Cheeses

Once you get the hang of roasting and cleaning jalapenos, this appetizer dish, stuffed with goat and cream cheeses, and brightly flavoured with mint, is a hands down winner. Roasting a // read more

Salsa de Chile Pasilla de Oaxaca – Version Two

The smoked chile pasilla de Oaxaca, or chile Mixe ( pronounced, mee-hay) is unique to the state of Oaxaca. It imparts a fiery, smokey flavour to salsas, chiles rellenos, and vinegary // read more

Candied Jalapenos

Not only for salsas or roasted and stuffed with cheese, jalapenos can also be used for purposes of a sweet nature. Washed and dried, stemmed, seeded with the inner white membrane // read more

Spaghetti Aglio,Olio e Peperoncino (Spaghetti with garlic, oil and chiles)

On the Amalfi coast, everyday provided another exciting round of flavours and sights. Lemons, the size of grapefruits were everywhere. The fresh leaves were used to wrap ingredients, // read more

Black Beans and Sweet Memories of Travel

Top: dried avocado leaves, right: toasted ground black beans and left: ground avocado leaves It was quiet that morning except for what sounded like a beaded curtain blowing in the // read more

Chicken Estofado, A Oaxacan Version

In Mexico, and more specifically, Oaxaca, moles play an important part in the country's culinary repertoire. In Canada, we only see moles, usually red, and made with the addition of // read more

Chicken Pot Pie & the Art of Leftovers

With a bit of creativity, leftovers can be elevated out of their often unworthy and uninspiring reputation into to a starring role. And with rising food costs, there's no better time to // read more

The Cobb Salad. The Brown Derby Dressing

The Cobb Salad came in to existence in 1937. Created late at night, with access to the restaurant's kitchen, then Brown Derby owner Bob Cobb threw together ingredients readily at hand, // read more