Vitamin G

A big fat juicy hamburger. Sometimes, I just gotta have it.

But there are stipulations. The bun must be toasted, the cheese, cheddar and the onions, fried. The burger must have fat, be made of beef and be preferably hand formed. The fries must be hand cut and fried in something luscious. Like beef tallow.
Sounds like a tall order but fortunately – or unfortunately, depending – my dealer is only a few blocks away.

Tomato, lettuce, pickle, special sauce. Napkins are free. You’ll need them.

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  1. Matt R. says:

    We’ve been fiddling with our burger at work, and recently settled on a 50/50 mix of lean and regular ground, a little onion, dijon, worcester – the usual suspects. Smoked cheddar, double smoked bacon and it’s complete. I am trying to source a cheap, soft white bun to match the trailer park of it all, but it seems nobody makes these anymore! What happened to Island Bakery? I have resisted making these in house as our pastry department is already maxed, but maybe it’s where this all needs to go.

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