I survived Momofuku’s Crack Pie

It’s all your fault Momofuku!

Manhattan’s Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar has taken the U.S. by the sweet tooth with Crack Pie, a cheeky name given to their riff on the Chess pie, a simple but intensely sugary dessert of butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla. They sell up to 90 of these pies a day, and at $44. each!! I thought it bold that the article in the LA Times by Rene Lynch links to the actual recipe (below), encouraging anyone to make crack at home.

So I did. (I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of the bag of milk powder though, but I’ll think of something).

What makes this pie recipe a designer drug is the crust. An oatmeal cookie dough first baked and then crumbled to create a sticky crust with the addition of butter and more sugar.

For those of you without the luxury of a food processor, I used my bare hands to break up the crumbs to the right consistency.
No fluting or crimping just press the crust into the pie plate. A rustic beauty. The pie filling of egg yolks, butter and more sugar gets a hit of vanilla for interest, and looks very much like apple sauce.

The baked edges do get dark but not to worry.
As the article recommends, wait until the pie cools down a bit before you dig in with a spoon. It’s like the most decadently gooey butter tart ever. The crust is a chewy, crispy wonder and at one point I could have devoured just the crust. It is very, very hard to stop eating this.
Since the recipe yields two pies, the one left was refrigerated overnight where it firmed up. That morning, I pleaded with my husband to take it to work. Does that make me a dealer?

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  1. Oh that looks so decadent! You probably know this, but you can buy a silicon ring to put on top of your pie crust so it doesn’t burn.

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