Hot Chocolate, Churros and Goat Meat Tacos. A Brief Snapshot of Mexico City

Mexicans are notorious snackers. Every morning, stalls throughout Mexico city are set up to serve tacos with a myriad of ingredients, picante salsas at the ready. Here is one that serves goat meat tacos with the heads making a decorative display.

If you ever find yourself wide awake at 3 in the morning, or whatever time in the morning, the venerable Mexico city institution, El Moro, a chocolateria and churreria, welcomes you for hot chocolate and freshly made churros.
The menu is simple: 4 kinds of hot chocolate served with 4 churros, dipped in plain or cinnamon sugar.
Chocolate Especial is semi-sweet or semi-amargo, rich and chocolatey.
Mexicano is made with leche but on the light side.
Chocolate Frances is half milk, half chocolate.
Chocolate Espanol is muy dulce for those who prefer a sweeter taste.

The churros while crisp and hot, have an underlying saltiness to them, which I’m told is essential for an authentic taste.


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