First Tastes and Sights in Mexico City

Arriving in Mexico City late one evening, we wandered around to get our bearings. The evening was unfolding as it should,  with tiny eateries getting ready for the onslaught of hungry citizens to descend.

Goat barbecue.

Pork in all its nose-to tail-glory.

Rotisserie chicken.

And the classic tacos al pastor.


And ricas carnitas. Piled high and waiting.

The first day in we went off to the Xochomilco market, a wonderous sight for fresh produce.
Beautiful displays of spinach.
Cactus paddles, cleaned and ready to go.

Blue corn as a snack, steamed and served with freshly squeezed lime and sprinkled with salt and chile powder.

One of my favourite ingredients is huazontle. Here is a great big luscious bundle. (During my brief tenure cooking alongside Roberto Santibanez, he taught me how to clean and prepare huazontile rellenos. A delicious memory).
Stacks of lettuce, spinach and chard.

Look at this wonderful collections of clay cazuelas, pots and jugs. Everything you need to start cooking!
Another market snack is provide by a bank of ladies selling their corn masa memelas, tlacoyos, and other hot snacks. I enjoyed a blue corn tlacoyo that was stuffed with bean paste and served topped with cilantro, cactus paddles, cheese and green salsa. The other dish, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the name (maybe gordita), was stuffed with chicharron.

Back in the centro historico, we always make sure to make a stop at the Bar Opera for a beverage and a look at the deluxe patina on the ceiling.

Walking around the centro,  you never know what you’ll see, like this, the nastiest bike ever.

And a short taxi ride away, is the restful agave garden at the Dolores Olmeda Museum.
Stay tuned for more.

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