Locavoracious in Mexico

What better way to find the soul of a place than to eat the local specialities of the region? The open air markets of Mexico hold the key.

In Puerto Escondido, villagers come down from the mountain pueblos and areas to the south, to sell their wares in the Wednesday and Saturday market. Get there early before the hot sun slows you down.

The score from this year’s trip is a rarely seen chilie – to me anyway – called chilie Tuxta. Berry-shaped, it is fiery hot. I can hardly wait to take it home and start making salsas.

A little shopping bag for your wares?
The market is a great place to purchase a comal, tostadas or other essentials for the kitchen.
As in all markets of Mexico, you’ll find a bank of women selling freshly made tortillas, tamales and atole. Candy is the name of our favourite tamale vendor and is where we enjoy our daily breakfast of champions. She uses chipil, a delicate Oaxacan herb, in abundance for a light morning tamal that I enjoy.
Or sweet corn that stands in for the usual baked good.
And another vegetarian delight, the frijol with added anisey flavour from the hoja santa (saint leaf). See it wrapped around the outside of the masa? Hmmm.

You can buy a dazzlingly array of fresh and dried products here, from freshly caught fish and flowers to medicinal herbs and sweet ripe heirloom tomatoes.
The vendors are always busy as is evident with this papaya seller, cleaning nopales while waiting for a customer.

Supporting your local farmer is not just a cause you rally around at home, it’s something important wherever you travel.

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  1. Ace says:

    Great blog Shelora, Joe Zambri directed us to it. We’re heading to Mexico City, Oaxaca City and Puerto Escondido next month. Never having been there you’ve upped the anticipation with all of this cool info.
    I have a couple of questions about staying in Puerto Escondido i’ll send an email to your Shaw address.

    Bud Sabiston

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