Cornflake-Crusted Fish in Tomatillo Sauce

Breadcrumbs are versatile but can be substituted in many dishes with crushed cracker crumbs or that breakfast staple, cornflakes. Think breaded and fried oysters whose briny goodness pairs well with salty crackers or crispy cornflakes, like the ones featured on Ferris’ Upstairs menu.

One of my favourite Mexi-flavoured dishes uses both cornflakes and tomatillos. The latter, freshly harvested from my garden. The dish is from the Rick Bayless cookbook, Mexico One Plate at a Time. The flakes are crusted on fish filets and sit pretty on a sauce of roasted tomatillos with roasted corn.

Roasted tomatillos and a couple of serranos, cooled and then blended to a smooth puree, are simmered together with onions and garlic that have become soft and golden.

I absolutely love roasting and toasting ingredients.

Cornflakes are crushed to easily adhere to the fish filets that have been first dusted with flour and dipped into an egg wash. The corn is roasted, the cilantro must be chopped.

Fried on both sides.
And plated.
* Note: During a flash of shopping-to-be-healthy, I purchased organic cornflakes. Just don’t do it. Your regular ole’ generic cornflakes work much better in this recipe. The healthy brand was too thick and had an underlying sweetness that conflicted with the dish.

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