Deep Cove Chalet – Paradise Found

In the late summer, early fall, Deep Cove Chalet beckons. Run by cci and his wife Bev, the Chalet serves French country cuisine. Koffel’s culinary roots are in Alsace and you’ll find many French classics on the menu.

We choose this particular time of year because the wedding season is usually over and we can secure a reservation on a Sunday. The front property of the chalet boasts beautiful gardens and a planting of Ortega grapes.
Travelling from the city on the backroads of Saanich to Deep Cove, we always have the sense of rediscovering this magical place anew.
We reserve outside in the circular patio. With grape vines covering the area, giving it a sense of privacy, this Shangri-la setting overlooks the cove.
Check out the cool vintage Citroens.
This reservation booked outside in front of the patio area. Much more exclusive and elegant.
And enticing.
The interior of the chalet is dark and cozy and is filled with art and artifacts. While it still provides views of the water and grounds, we prefer dining al fresco.

Unwinding in the warm sun, staring out at the water and gardens, the setting, the food, the fine china, a bottle of wine chilling and at the ready, this is truly paradise found.
First of the season chanterelles done simply in a buerre blanc with herbs.
The Chalet’s signature Caesar salad.
Prawns in garlic and white wine.
A side of vegetables arrive in a casserole for the table. I like to eat my vegetables! Yes! More chanterelles.
My favourite dining companion.
Who always orders the civet of rabbit, served in a lidded copper saucepan.
Hearty and rich.

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