Simple and Quick Tomato Sauces

When supplies of fresh produce just aren’t within reach, I turn to canned goods. And I feel no shame. When cans of Italian whole tomatoes are on sale, I buy a couple of cases at a time, leave them in the pantry, ready whenever I feel a hankering to make tomato sauce, or add some when I’m making pizza.

The easiest recipe I’ve come across was taught to me by chef Peter Zambri of Zambri’s here in Victoria. While the recipe uses one can, I like to up the ante to three or four, and freeze the results to use for pasta lunches and other dishes.
Whole tomatoes are best as they allow you more control over consistency. Squish by hand – the best part – add fresh sprigs of basil, a gurgle of olive oil, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 or so minutes.
Any large chunks of tomatoes must be mushed around with a potato masher and presto! Sauce.
I like to use this recipe as a springboard for Spanish dishes – sorry Italy!  Add hot red chilies to the ready made sauce, simmer again for 20, and apply your hand blender to the mix until smooth. An excellent dipping sauce for papas bravas – roasted baby potatoes.

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