Tomato Meet Oven

Stepping into the tomato world of SunWing Farm is like stepping into an alternate universe.
While I could go for any of their first rate heirloom varieties, for my first foray into oven drying, I went for the culls on sale for $1.00 pound.

These good looking babies must be washed, cut in half, laid on sheet pans and liberally sprinkled with minced garlic, chopped thyme, sea salt, cracked pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

In you go.

Now a slow and low – 250F – bout in the oven. Bake until all the juices are concentrated and the tomatoes have quieted down – around 5 hours.

Out you come.
Intense, concentrated flavour. Killer right from the oven. Bruschetta would be handy right about now.

Next time, I’ll go even lower heat to avoid some of them from becoming too caramelized. Better yet, I’ll divide smaller tomatoes on one pan, and larger ones on another.

If using in a sauce,  I’ve been advised to remove the peel – it slides right off.
Hmm, pasta would be handy right about now.

2 Responses to “Tomato Meet Oven”

  1. classes says:

    I am in salad heaven! I’m inspired to whip up a zesty roasted tomato vinaigrette. After I make a Green Goddess Dressing. Or perhaps an eggy salad …

  2. Sivia says:

    you are so inspiring! must come to island and visit you and the tomato alien farms!

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