Summer Bean Salad

No matter how hard we try to grow various kinds of vegetables, I swear it’s the garden that dictates what grows and what doesn’t. And the garden says, beans. Our runner beans are a given every year, and the last two years, yellow beans have been added to the mix.
Blanch the beans in boiling salted water. Plunge into an ice bath, drain and pat dry on paper towels. Cut into desired pieces, add a thinly sliced green onion.
Add some chopped basil – not from our garden – some quartered supersweet tomatoes from Sun Wing Farms, chopped lemon zest, salt and pepper. Add the juice of one lemon and a good drizzle of your finest olive oil.

Toss ingredients together with your clean hands – the original salad tongs.
Delicious! If you’re still not satisfied with the result, use this base to make a bread salad, or add feta and olives for a riff on Greek Salad.

Remember: Use your imagination.

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