Squash Blossoms for Quesadillas and Stuffed, Battered and Fried

We wait all year for this event. When the squash blossoms open wide. Really we could care less about the squash, it’s the flowers we want.
My love of the flower began during my first trip to Mexico, when a woman at her market stall made me a fresh tortilla and cooked it on a comal while adding strips of squash blossom, pieces of epazote leaf and quesillo cheese. This immense quesadilla was a culinary epiphany and set me on a course of exploration into the authentic flavours of Mexico in the years since.

I’ll never forget that day, and I recreate the memory every year from my own garden.
Our epazote is doing particularly well this year.
Monterey Jack, epazote and strips of squash blossoms get to know each other before I top it with another tortilla. Sadly, no quesillo is available where I live.
Maybe a bit of salt, but really nothing else.
Squash blossoms also work for another dish I’ve enjoyed in Mexico, although not traditional. Stuffed with goat cheese, mint and minced shallot. I usually add a tablespoon or two of cream cheese to the goat to make it more workable.
Dip into a tempura batter (1/2 cup flour. to 1 egg. 1/2 cup or more ice water to make a batter)
Drain and arrange on top of delicate garden greens and drizzle with vin cotto for a hit of sweetness.

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