Nopales/Cactus Paddles/ Guacamole, etc.

A prickly subject. Nopales or cactus paddles are a tasty treat if you can get beyond its stubble. They are worth the trouble and so much better than the cactus bits you can get in a can. I like to buy the thinner and smaller ones if possible. Where I live in B.C., we usually have to take what we can get, but in the markets of Mexico you can purchase the smaller, tender ones that are already cleaned and ready to cook.

But I digress.
Take your knife and run it straight down the length of each paddle, each side, removing the stubble. Then run it along the edge doing the same. Rinse. Splay the paddle like a hand leaving the end stump intact.
Grill on each side. It will change to a darker colour. Set aside and cut into cubes. Keep warm until ready to use.
Make a guacamole. Chop white onion and serranos. I just purchased a big bag of serranos today and upon using them, and tasting, I noticed they had no heat. None. I ate a whole one to no affect. Kind of miffed. I had to add those local fiery jalapenos I had on hand.
I use my molcajete to make guac. Add salt to the onion and chilies and grind to a mushy paste.
Add avocados and mush around. Add chopped white onion, tomatoes and cilantro. This is a classic Mexican dish that celebrates the colours of their flag, something you’ll see a lot in the cuisines of Mexico. A very patriotic country.
Dinner time. Hot corn tortillas, thin grilled slices of hormone-free beef, nopales, guacamole and that salsa macha from the other day.
Rustic. Delicious.

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