A Glimpse at Market Specialties from Puerto Escondido

While some people prefer to surf the waves of nearby Zicatela beach, I wake up early in Puerto Escondido to get to the public market.

Market days are the best, meaning the days when itinerant sellers come down from the surrounding villages with their specialities. In Puerto, it’s Saturday.
The inside of the market always sells freshly made tamales and tortillas, huevos criollos (aka farm fresh eggs), fresh cheese and fish, but market day groans with other regional delicacies.
Like oreja de leon ( lion’s ear). This lovely green leaf is a local snack, reputed to be good for the blood. It is eaten as a salad, or something to put in a tortilla, and has a snappy bite. With a dash of salt and lime, it’s excellent. And so beautiful.
A woman from nearby Nopala was selling her tostadas: black bean and corn, a thin crispy corn variety and ones made with coconut and sugar. The latter was particularly addictive. Market day is also a good chance to try locally grown beans. I purchased a bag of her freshly harvested black beans and a small white bean called, frijol chino. These white beans are traditionally cooked with shrimp and nopales.
The yellow corn tostadas were made with panela giving them a delicate sweetness.
Another local speciality are Doraditos, paper thin and super crispy. They are very similar to the totopos which you can find further down the coast in the Isthmus but without the perforations. Great with a seaside guacamole.
Or perhaps you would rather have a plate of the most perfect and freshest oysters available. Every noon hour at the protected beach at Carrizalillo, El Pantero emerges from the deep. Clad in a all black skin divers suit, he carries a big bag of oysters over to a corner of the beach and starts to break them open. You can wave him down for a dozen. Just a chunk of lime and splash of hot sauce is all you need for these sweet babies.

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