Baja-Style Fish Tacos

The key to successful fish tacos, or for any dish you are about to undertake, is preparation.  When friends are coming round, I like to set the table first.

To keep things in a fiesta mood, an agua fresca, or fresh water, is not only traditional but refreshing.  Pineapples were on sale, so a pineapple whirled in the blender became the day’s beverage, served on ice, with a hit of soda. (Along with the requisite margaritas and cold cervezas, of course).

The condiments should be prepped next. Salsa fresca, made with ripe roma tomatoes and locally grown jalapenos provides a kick, a bowl of crema (creme fraiche), or a mix of drained yogurt (1/2c.) and 1/2c. mayo, and bowls of both shredded cabbage and radishes cut into thin matchsticks are all classic additions to fish tacos.
Laid out, you are now ready to prep the fish.

A solid white fish is the best. Snapper, link or rock and even halibut in season are all great choices. Prep the fish by cutting into thin-ish pieces that will cook quickly in the beer batter. Add a bit of lime juice and garlic and let the pieces sit in the fridge until ready to fry.

The batter I prefer is a simple mixture of  1 cup flour to 1 cup beer, salt and pepper. Add the liquid gradually until you get the right consistency. Not too thick. Not too thin. The beer can be a lighter brew, such as you find in Mexican brands, or something a bitter darker for more flavour. It’s up to you.
Make sure you have a basket of hot tortillas at the ready before you start adding battered fish to hot oil. Drain the fish pieces, dip in the batter and fry until golden. Drain slightly before adding to a hot tortilla. Your guests can now add condiments as required.

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