Sojourn by Horseback in Rojas de Cuauhtemoc

A great way to experience the Oaxaca countryside is by horseback. Mary Jane Gagnier and her team of horses offer excursions onto trails less travelled for newbies and experienced riders // read more

Welcome to the Grilled Meats, Oaxaca City

The sign above the entrance reads, Bienvenidos a las Carnes Asadas. You can't miss this long hallway off the Viente de Noviembre market in Oaxaca. It's filled with smoke, with fires // read more

Locavoracious in Mexico

What better way to find the soul of a place than to eat the local specialities of the region? The open air markets of Mexico hold the key.In Puerto Escondido, villagers come down from the // read more

El Pantero Strikes Again

Everyday around noon, El Pantero emerges from the water in front of Playa Carrizalillo with a sack of freshly picked oysters. Nicknamed The Panther for his lean physique and black wetsuit // read more

Devouring Puebla

Puebla, a two-hour drive from Mexico city, is smaller in scale and known for its colonial buildings and ornate tile work. Wandering the cobblestone sidewalks, there is always something // read more

Ricardo Munoz and Azul y Oro in Mexico City

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is blessed with one of the best restaurants in the city, if not the country. Azul y Oro, a 200-seat restaurant housed in the Centro // read more

Mole Amarillo – Not the one with chocolate!

Fall and winter are perfect seasons to make moles. These renowned labour-intensive stews of Mexico, especially Oaxaca state, are slow-cooked, healing dishes infused with earthy chilies and // read more

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad

Yes, you heard right. Driven by a desire for challenge, a way to shake up the same old culinary routine, I decided to wade into the shallow end of what U.K. chef Fergus Henderson has made // read more

Wicked Butter Tarts

You have been forewarned.   Short-Crust Pastry (You might have your own recipe, but this number works for both sweet and savoury dishes) 1 1/2 cups unbleached flour 1 tsp. // read more

Salmon Wrapped in Fig Leaves

Fig leaves, under-utilized, unlike their kin, fennel pollen and dill flower heads, impart a subtle figgy aroma to ingredients like salmon or goat cheese when wrapped and baked. I happen // read more

Albondigas en Chipotle

Good 'ole meatballs. A 1001 variations, tasty little morsels all. Translated to the Mexican table, albondigas (Spanish for meatball) are a national standby, appearing regularly on comida // read more

Salsa Macha

Not for sissies.According to my notes, this earthy salsa macha hails from Central Veracruz. Toast 20 - 24 chiles de arbol, stemmed. Careful not to burn. I use a root brush for scooting the // read more

Green Goddess Dressing

One of my favourite salad dressings of summer. Green Goddess. She's a lovely accompaniment with fresh crab over greens and tomatoes. She livens up an artichoke and is a natural with big // read more

Mezcal and a Meal in Matatlan

Don Renaldo and the Guttierez family are Oaxacan artisan mezcal makers and gifted cooks. We dropped in one afternoon for a tasting and to partake in a special meal. Unfortunately, we missed // read more

Dining in the Clouds/Sunday’s Special in the Sierra Juarez

Sunday is the day that Doña Leecha makes criollo potato and corn tortillas. Her restaurant Casa Piedra located at Rancho Benito Juarez in Oaxaca is located at a breathtaking 10,000 // read more

A Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear AKA Anthony and Me

The claim, reminiscent of those ads in the back of comic books, seemed to be speaking just to me. It read, "Bask in the moral certainty that you are the baddest-ass king hell, fearless // read more